25 September 2013

Corfu in September

No superlative would be too much to describe September in Corfu this year. Glorious, bright, wonderful sunny days with that special sort of light that you get once the fierce heat of summer has passed and the first rains have washed the dust from the atmosphere.

Over a long weekend we had friends visiting from New Zealand, who had spent most of the summer on the island of Seriphos in the Cyclades, so we were particularly pleased to be able to show off our own island at its absolute best, taking a leisurely trip up the north east coast and stopping for coffee here in Kouloura, lunch in Avlaki and then home for dinner - outside on the terrace, with just a lightweight cardigan as proof that the evenings are now cooling down.

23 September 2013

Love to live in Corfu?

How about this one

Lakeside Villa really does have a lake at the bottom of the garden and no mosquitos either because the fish eat them!

Already reduced, the owners will accept an even lower offer for a quick sale.