27 July 2012

Dream on!

At Corfuhomefinders we are lucky enough to see some of Corfu's most beautiful dream properties, but the one we viewed yesterday morning really left us speechless. In a superb position, right on the beach at Agios Georgios, the Villa Athanassia is quite unique. Writing the description was difficult, it wasn't easy to do justice to this style and amount of detail. 

Of course, we have lots of other lovely dream villas on our website www.corfupremierproperties.com so have a look and dream away!

18 July 2012

Corfu as it really is. Summer 2012.

This is a photo of the village shop in the square at Lakones. A veritable treasure trove and a step into the past for visitors more used to Tesco or Sainsburys. The owners probably spend all day and most of the night sitting in the shop - or just outside, in or out of the sun depending on the season. Customers from the village are quite likely to join them for an exchange of the latest gossip and to while away the time of day. Tourists walking or driving past form the entertainment for the shopkeepers, just as the shop attracts the attention of the tourists who stop buy a drink or a bar of chocolate. If you ask they will even let you use their loo. 

11 July 2012

Winter flights "not important"

We have heard that the Ryanair twice weekly UK flight may be cancelled due to lack of support in Corfu from the Local Authority and Chamber of Commerce, even though many of the flights are already apparently well booked.  We feel that this flight is of great importance to the Corfu business community and should be considered by the authorities in Corfu as a matter of urgency. Benefits include not only travel for local residents of all nationalities, but will establish Corfu as a serious year round destination, encouraging investors who are not prepared to invest in a ‘six months of the year’ proposition.  Corfu is an excellent ‘short break’ destination from northern Europe, and this flight could be the beginning of an expansion of our decreasing tourism industry, in all aspects of tourism.

We urge both the Corfu Local Authority and Chamber of Commerce to take immediate action to secure this winter flight schedule.

You can email the Chamber of Commerce & the local authority with you mail marked For the attention of Mr. Kaloudis, President of the Tourism Committee, Chamber of Commerce.

You can also contact the Corfu Municipality where you can register your point - they also have a Facebook page where comments could be added.  I think many private people will make their point on FB, but business people need to make a formal point to the relevant authorities, since they are supposed to represent our interests.

9 July 2012

A solution to Greece's debt?

Greek shipping heir Peter Nomikos has taken matters into his own hands. While EU leaders wrangle for a solution to Greece's problems, Nomikos started a non-profit to wipe out the country's debt. If all of his countrymen do their part, he tells Spiegel Online, they will be able to shore up the country's finances.

Here is a link to the article and here to the donations page.

Whilst most of us won't be able to afford the €3,000 required to make Greece debt free, there surely must be very many who can. This campaign should be publicized as widely as possible and maybe given charitable status in the UK as well as in the States so that the donation can be tax deductable.