11 February 2012

Press coverage for Corfu - and its it's not all negative!

The Saturday Telegraph has published an article about Greece, with a good section on Corfu, and although of course it couldn't avoid mentioning the current financial nightmare, it does have quite a few positive points.

Similarly, the London Evening Standard had a lengthy article yesterday which did discuss the property situation in relation to the financial crisis, but also made mention that the tourist industry was likely to benefit from the drop in prices, coupled with extensions of flights to Corfu from Ryanair and Easyjet. One of the lovely quotes reflects how we feel about Corfu...

'The pleasures that make Greece an attractive second-home market include a long sunshine season, bags of culture, a hapy island race and a sybaritic lifestyle based around the sea - the Ionian island of Corfu has all of these. The pace of life is gentle, the landscape beautiful and dotted with olive groves, and there is little of the crime or the overt shows of wealth that blight some other top-end hotspots'.

Couldn't have put it better ourselves,