1 February 2012

On the subject of UK v Corfu

The washing machine saga continued (see previous blog).

A replacement machine for the 'new' broken one was due last Thursday morning. At 3.00 pm the delivery man called to say they were 10 minutes away. When they arrived I went downstairs with great relief to find 'Got a problem luv - wrong machine'. I totally freaked since were were leaving the next morning. He said 'You can't keep this one, its more expensive than the one you ordered and we don't know when you can have that one.' Frantic calls to Tesco and they agreed to leave us the wrong one, to use until it could be changed for the one we actually ordered. After several rounds of 'What part of leaving tomorrow don't you understand?' they agreed that I should phone when someone will be in to receive the new one.

So now we are the proud temporary owners of a very large washing machine - when what we actually wanted was a compact washer/dryer - and we will probably have to pay more for the privilege since there is no way we can face going through the whole non-delivery process again.

There's a lot wrong with Corfu but at least you can find a person to shout at face to face when everything goes wrong, and they have a personal interest in fixing things for you. There's a lot to be said for that.