22 February 2012

Finally, some sort of agreement!

After all the to-ing and fro-ing, will they? wont they? will it work? we finally have some kind of resolution. No one is pretending that this is the final answer to all the problems of Greece's economy, but the hope is that it will bring some kind of stability and with it the chance of gradually expanding the economy.

We have involvement in tourism as well as the estate agency and it is our hope that with this 'new dawn' will come politicians with more open minds, more interest in new ideas, more respect for the value of tourism, and acceptance that one of the ways to help the economy is to encourage foreign investment; whether it be on a large scale such as foreign companies investing in hotel/golf/marina developments in Greece, or on a small scale, such as foreigners doing what they do best here, buying the houses they love, bringing their families, spending money with local businesses, and in some cases, letting their properties and therefore bringing a wider range of people here, who in their turn spread the word of how lovely Corfu can be.

However, it does need radical thinking from our politicians - encourage these investors, don't penalise them, don't drive them crazy with bureaucracy, help them to make money for Greece and ensure its future!