7 February 2012

Could this be the beginning of a very very small silver lining?

Hotel prices in Greece are dropping by as much as 20%, according to TripAdvisor.

Its examination of nine popular Greek destinations shows that all but two have seen hotel rates drop significantly since a year ago.

The biggest fall was in Corfu, where hotel rates have dropped on average by 20%.

"While the Greek economy has experienced a traumatic year, the silver lining for tourism could be an increase in visitors due to the lower prices in many of its popular destinations," said Emma Shaw, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.

"There are some excellent hotel deals to be had in Greece at the moment, and with hotel prices coming down, it could be a great time for Brits to plan a 2012 holiday to Greece."

Add to this a couple of tour operators who say they have seen an increase in bookings for Corfu, and maybe, just maybe, things are looking up. The problem is of course that hoteliers and apartment owners here are already struggling, and a price drop is the last thing they need But at least it is movement of a kind which can't be all bad. I hope.