18 December 2011

A blog that might be of interest

Here is a blog that might be of interest, written by a lady with zillions of years experience of Corfu from all perspectives - work, tourism, kids, you name it, if it's Corfiot she knows about it. Keep an eye on it for interesting bits and pieces!

Happy Christmas

We would just like to say a very Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone.

Although 2011 has been somewhat grim it is not all gloom and doom, and although I think virtually everyone is moaning about taxes etc. they didn't manage to take away our sunshine, our blue sea, and our basic way of life, so at least we have that to be thankful for!

From all of us at Corfuhomefinders and Corfu Premier Property - all the best for 2012. Susan, Sarah, Helga and Diana.

14 December 2011

Please read and pass on

This article should be given as much publicity as possible.

With many thanks to Simon Baddeley and his Democracy Street Blog for bringing this to my attention, for Grecophiles everywhere this - at last - gives a different and more positive view of Greece's part in the financial crisis. It's long, but well worth reading to the very end as practically every word written by journalist Nick Malkoutsis rings true.

12 December 2011

Great minds!

I've just been chuckling to myself reading Susan's blog "Corfu Hillbillies".

I, too, have just returned from a trip to the UK, visiting my parents in Devon. They live in Paignton, where the average age must be about 80 and you are more in danger of being run down by a mobility scooter on the pavement, than crossing the road. Nevertheless, I still felt out of touch and had to carefully scrutinise my money before handing it over, and constantly put my debit card into the machine upside down. Public transport for me is a nightmare, train travel in particular as I can never figure out which carriage I'm in and where I'm supposed to sit.

So, returning to Corfu yesterday was a great relief to me, even more so now that my internet has finally been connected after just over three months! I have moved to a very out-of-the-way spot, and the lines which were previously connected to my house have been trailing up the side of the track for about a year since a concrete lorry passed and dragged them down, tilting the poles to a very jaunty angle at the same time. On my return home I was very excited to see new poles and proper lines, not the temporary arrangement for a phone which I've had for the last few weeks.

11 December 2011

If you are not busy on Wednesday morning...

We are having a mulled wine and mince pie morning in the office, to celebrate the Christmas season - all welcome, any time between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm. If you happen to have any spare 'grocery' food around and can bring it with you, we are collecting for Joanna Papageorgious' food collection to help people who are in difficulties over the Christmas season with basic foodstuffs. Every bag of macaroni or rice or tinned tomatoes all help, it just needs to be stuff that will keep. We will pass it on to Jo. Hope to see a few people on Wednesday, otherwise we might have to drink the wine and eat the mince pies ourselves!

8 December 2011

Thank heavens for Ryanair

How nice to see that Ryanair have added extra routes to Corfu for next summer. It wasn't long ago that we were happy that Easyjet were sending us a couple of flights a week from Gatwick, now they have expanded their routes but Ryanair is rushing ahead with more regional airports from the UK (Luton, Leeds Bradford, East Midlands and Glasgow). They also now offer Gothenburg, Oslo and Billund for Scandinavian visitors who until recently have only had a once weekly Norwegian flight, and apart from that have been fairly dependent upon a small amount of expensive charter seats.

One of the reasons many people were dubious about buying property in Corfu used to be that in the winter we are dependent upon flights via Athens, which are both time consuming and generally more expensive than direct flights. Even that is now less important with Ryanair continuing flights until the end of November this year and beginning again in early March - maybe one year we will actually get a year round flight, but at least this helps.

2 December 2011

Back to (our) Reality

Thank goodness for the old style shops and craftsmen that you can still find in the backstreets of Corfu town. There are numerous tiny shops where you can find someone, usually a lady but sometimes a man, sitting behind a sewing machine making alterations and creating new outfits.

I needed to get a leather strap sewn back on to a handbag, so I had to find a specialist with a heavy duty sewing machine. No problem! A simple enquiry at the heel bar led me to this amazing treasure trove of a workshop behind the Ethniki Bank and my bag was fixed on the spot for practically nothing.

1 December 2011

Corfu Hillbillies!

Taking advantage of Ryanair, we recently visited friends and family in England. The flight was full - in both directions - despite it being the end of November, and a bit like a works outing, there were so many familiar faces travelling together. More leg room than on a charter flight, and excellent in-flight food service. I would guess there is a good chance that next year Mr. Ryan may decide to carry on over the Christmas period. Fingers crossed! We paid less than 150 Euros return for both of us including suitcases. The good weather en route and in England was a bonus.

We have decided, however, that we are real country bumpkins. Obviously living in an olive grove is beginning to get to us and we are rather out of touch with life in the fast lane. I have only just got over the embarrassment of a previous visit to London when I tried firmly pressing my palm over the pad at the turnstile entrance to the underground (following the example of the man in front), only I didn't have an oyster card! This time I avoided any major booboos but I'm sure the sight of a very obviously English person peering at coins before paying the bill and putting my debit card into the chip and pin machine the wrong way up must have caused a few comments.

There is altogether too much traffic moving far too quickly to start with, and as for trying to follow the AA routing through the centre of London in the dark, avoiding the congestion charge area, and swapping glasses each time I needed to read either a road sign or the map, well..... next time we are taking the bus!