28 September 2011

"May you live in interesting times"

Whether or not the above wish is Chinese in origin or not, it is most definitely intended as a curse, and most definitely very relevant to life in Greece at the moment!

When I first came to live in Greece in 1974 I used to scour the British newspapers for items about Greece and NEVER found anything at all. It was as if Greece simply did not exist. This situation continued even after Greece became part of the European Union. Any comparative tables of life in Europe almost pointedly omitted to mention Greece so that we never could work out how well, or badly, we compared with the rest of continental Europe.

Now that Greece is constantly in the news how we wish for a return to the peaceful days when nobody cared about what was going on here.

One of my favourite articles recently compared Greece with the front bumper of a car about to crash into a brick wall. Favourite because, for once, someone seemed to be spreading the blame a bit and suggesting that there are other countries out there in a pretty bad state as well. I suppose it shouldn't be comforting to think that worse is to come, but we are all rather fed up of being the world's whipping boy/scapegoat/bad guy.