25 August 2011

It's a Dog's Life

We quite often use the well-known catch phrase "location location location" about properties in Corfu - there are, after all, numerous stunning views and wonderful settings, but today we saw our first Five Star Luxury Doggy Pad.

How about this for the perfect location for a dog basket? Two very contented labradors have their home in this amazing property which is for sale with Corfuhomefinders.

18 August 2011

Gripe of the week!

Why is it that the drivers in the Jeep Safaris think that they cannot be separated from the car in front of them, even if it means driving dangerously or inconsiderately?

This morning I had to wait while about fifteen jeeps drove round two cars which were parked on their side of the road. It was my right of way and would have been very easy for one of them to wait while I drove past instead of my having to wait for all of them.

Roll on the end of August and the end of the "silly season"!

17 August 2011

"It just gets better every time"

Monday night's Panayiri (fiesta) in Spartilas was very well attended, as it usually is. With the money raised used to support the village football team, most of the village turn out to support it and a good share of visitors and tourists joined in the fun too.

I sat at a table of "clients" who have now become good friends, all of whom have bought, or are thinking of buying, a village house in Spartilas. One of the nicest comments I have heard came from someone who bought and restored a village house about five years ago. He said, "It just gets better every time we come over - we know more villagers and I've had so many people come and shake my hand tonight, it's great!" This, for me, is village life at its very best.

In Spartilas, they seem to start them young. As this picture shows, seven year old Maria is celebrating her name day by performing an enthusiastic "hasapiko" dance, much admired by the crowd who gathered to encourage her.

2 August 2011

Oh ye of little faith ...

This year for the first time we are renting some of our apartments privately.

We have been working with the villas for years and the questions from potential visitors are generally the same - temperature, pool temperature, mozzies, shops, restaurants etc.

This year with the apartments it is so different. I have had questions about EXACT size of the balcony, EXACT view from each bedroom, size of french doors, plus from a few nationalities 'How do we know that if we pay you in advance you will give us the apartment?' Also of course the usual 'The apartment says it sleeps 4, there are 7 of us can we have extra beds?' and today's gem which was 'Are the pictures on the website real pictures of the apartments'. No. of course they are not, we want you to come, be totally disappointed, write to Trip Advisor and Homeaway and complain so we lose our advertising and therefore our income!