9 May 2011

How business is conducted in Corfu!

Yesterday I had to go to our new houses and install the internet connection, since we have clients arriving on Wednesday. Note, that I have to install it, the engineers left a connection on an external phone line inside the electricity box housing, and then the phone company simply gave me a box and some codes. Consequently I had to establish myself, my laptop, and the instructions, as close as possible to the router box (inside the column on the left of the photo). Whilst I was trying to do this, and battling with the wind, our adopted cat (she adopted us, not the other way round) kept trying to sneak her new kittens into any of the houses. The more I put her in her box in the house next door, the more sneaky she got and I was terrified of smothering a kitten with cushions, or making one inside a bed, so I spent the morning rushing between the laptop doing the internet connection, phoning OTE because of course it didn't work the first time, and chasing around after a cat and kittens. If you look hard at the photo, just to the left of the front door and aircon unit, you will see the cat planning her next move with the kittens! They don't say women can multi-task for nothing do they?