20 May 2011

Business - Corfu style!

I wasn't much looking forward to my appointment yesterday evening to go with some clients to "snag" the new apartment they are buying in Barbati. Although they are very excited about their purchase and looking forward to future holidays there, "snagging", especially with the owner present, isn't the most pleasant job and we didn't want to offend the owner who is very proud of his work.

I arrived with my clients promptly at 6pm, to find the owner had laid a table on the balcony, barbequed a few chops, and brought along a bottle of his (very good) homemade wine to wash it down with!

"Snagging" was delayed until we had all eaten and toasted their happy future in the apartment. When we got down to work and consulted our lists, it was in good humour and without disagreement.