20 May 2011


Consistently the second most looked at property on our whole website, Garden House in Makrades has just been reduced yet again in price. Surely someone must be tempted now? The estimate for finishing the property is a mere 30,000 Euros.

Bargain indeed.

Business - Corfu style!

I wasn't much looking forward to my appointment yesterday evening to go with some clients to "snag" the new apartment they are buying in Barbati. Although they are very excited about their purchase and looking forward to future holidays there, "snagging", especially with the owner present, isn't the most pleasant job and we didn't want to offend the owner who is very proud of his work.

I arrived with my clients promptly at 6pm, to find the owner had laid a table on the balcony, barbequed a few chops, and brought along a bottle of his (very good) homemade wine to wash it down with!

"Snagging" was delayed until we had all eaten and toasted their happy future in the apartment. When we got down to work and consulted our lists, it was in good humour and without disagreement.

19 May 2011

Cheap Land for sale

This is an amazing plot of land - around 2,000 m2 in size - located just to the south of the main Paleokastritsa road, well away from traffic and with excellent views in all directions.

The owner really needs to sell and the price is an incredibly low 10,000 Euros. What's the snag? Well, there is one of course. It is not legally large enough to build on (due to the restrictions of the area and access road).

If there is anyone who would like to have a beautiful flower or vegetable garden and pitch a tent on it, please contact our office.

Rainbow or Rainsplodge?

Taken from our house last week, this interesting result of the weather conditions was rather alarming at first sight. Looked a bit as if the sun was setting in the south!

12 May 2011

Perfect planting

Much of my free time this spring has been spent gardening at our villa and I have put in a lot of effort in planning and planting a large new flower bed. Carefully choosing drought-resistant shrubs and a "hot" colour scheme, I have high hopes that the results will be rewarding in a year or two. Maybe I should have just left it to nature... On a recent walk within a few hundred metres of my carefully planned bed, I came across this beautiful display. With buttercups, wild garlic and blue hairbells, this was just perfectly planned.

9 May 2011

Wish I had written this

Sometimes you read a book or an article or a poem and really really wish that you had been able to express yourself so well. This article from Kathimerini is a classic example. Nick Malkoutsis so exactly expresses what is going on in Greece that I can thoroughly recommend clicking on the link to read what he has to say.

How business is conducted in Corfu!

Yesterday I had to go to our new houses and install the internet connection, since we have clients arriving on Wednesday. Note, that I have to install it, the engineers left a connection on an external phone line inside the electricity box housing, and then the phone company simply gave me a box and some codes. Consequently I had to establish myself, my laptop, and the instructions, as close as possible to the router box (inside the column on the left of the photo). Whilst I was trying to do this, and battling with the wind, our adopted cat (she adopted us, not the other way round) kept trying to sneak her new kittens into any of the houses. The more I put her in her box in the house next door, the more sneaky she got and I was terrified of smothering a kitten with cushions, or making one inside a bed, so I spent the morning rushing between the laptop doing the internet connection, phoning OTE because of course it didn't work the first time, and chasing around after a cat and kittens. If you look hard at the photo, just to the left of the front door and aircon unit, you will see the cat planning her next move with the kittens! They don't say women can multi-task for nothing do they?

Slipping Standards!

Did you ever see a swallows' nest like this? We keep trying to find explanations - laziness / first-timers / mental or physical problems? Who knows, but it certainly won't win any Ideal Home prizes.

3 May 2011

And one for the office, And one for my daughter!

Two more garlands came off the production line on May Day - one for the office in Dassia and one for our daughter, who lives just down the road and is up to her ears in looking after her two little girls.

The origin of May Day lies in the Roman festival of flora. The garland represents the goddess of spring and the renewal of life.

May Day

Following local tradition, our May Day garland or wreath has been hung on our front door bringing luck for the coming year. Ours was added to the "Volvos" or large bulb which has been gracing the door for a couple of months, also supposed to bring luck to the inhabitants of the house. Hope they don't cancel each other out!

The Wedding

Can't NOT blog it, really, can we? The Wedding! Whatever your views on the monarchy and/or its alternatives, Friday's marriage ceremony which joined two happy young people was a wonderful celebration of love. Lucky William to be welcomed into a normal everyday sort of family. Not so sure whether Catherine is lucky... I thought definitely not, until I had spent Sunday cooking, washing up and doing the housework and realized that whatever else she might have to do, she won't ever have to do that sort of thing!

Sarah and I watched it all on the BBC, via satellite, at her house here in Corfu in the company of lots of ladies of different ages. We enjoyed the various comments coming from all sides almost as much as the ceremony. Diana watched the CNN coverage and said it was nicely irreverent.