8 April 2011

Ryanair to fly to Corfu!

Ryanair has just announced a new route from Stansted to Corfu starting in July.

Not perfect for anyone north of Watford, but somehow it seems as if it may be the start of something good for the island and for all of us who like to travel on a budget.

I had overheard a radio interview just last week with the head of the Association of Corfu Travel Agents suggesting that there were talks in progress with low cost airlines to fly to Corfu both from the UK and Germany, but there have been so many such promises that have come to nothing in the past that I didn't allow myself to become excited. Now I am!

It's up to us now to make sure that the venture is supported (even if we secretly don't really like the Ryanair concept). This sort of competition is just what the existing charter airlines didn't want, and must surely have a knock-on effect on prices.