10 April 2011

Opposition grows to proposed Wind Farm on Pantokrator summit

Last week we attended a meeting, organized by opponents of the planned wind farm to be built on the mountain top near Spartilas, and supposedly to spread both east and west from there. It was sparsely attended, but there were some interesting presentations from speakers who were able to pass on facts and figures and not just the rhetoric which various local politicians produced towards the end of the evening.

It appears that there is considerable opposition to the proposal and that the local council has so far stepped in to prevent the continuation of the plans. The evidence presented certainly seemed to question the effectiveness of wind as an alternative source of energy and presented some alternative solutions. The main points of opposition seem to be:

1) that basically there isn't enough, reliable wind to justify the expense of constructing the huge turbines.
2) that the noise level is likely to cause far-reaching disturbance.
3) that the destruction of natural, unspoilt countryside is not justifiable.
4) that there are much better and less environmentally intrusive alternatives.

As I understand it, the scheme - if it does go ahead - will be up to 80% financed by EU funds, but all signs at the moment point to strong local opposition - enough to block the project completely.