16 November 2010

More weather!

What a mixed bag of weather this month! Last week we had one of the most spectacular electric storms I have ever experienced, with very strong winds at the same time. The damage was revealed in the morning, with lots of trees blown down resulting in loss of power for many of us for almost 24 hours.

Storm finished with, the clouds loomed grey and heavy for a couple of days, and sudden deluges of rain fell. This photo is taken right outside our office in Dassia, just after one of these torrential rainfalls. For the next two days, the island was blanketed in an eerie mist, with high humidity and a strange light.

Since then, the sun has come out and we have been basking in temperatures in the mid 20s. There have been plenty of people swimming in the sea, and Corfu is enjoying a second spring. Watch out though, it's due to change again in a day or two!