30 November 2010

Corfu’s Gordon Ramsay

Spending a few days in Athens recently, my friend and I decided to look up Ettore Botrini, the chef from the celebrated Etrusco restaurant in Kato Korakiana.

He has become very well known in Greece hosting the Greek version (Efialtis stin Kouzina) of Gordon Ramsay’s popular TV show, “Kitchen Nightmare”, and is now quite a TV celebrity!

In Athens he is connected to a chain of pasta/pizza restaurants, called “Pasteria” and he is in the kitchen twice a week at a different location. We visited him last week in Kato Patisia, and followed his personal recommendation to try the pizza, which was wonderful. Joining us at our table (we felt very important!) he assured us that he will be back in the kitchen of Etrusco next summer, and is hoping to open another restaurant along the same lines as “Pasteria” here in Corfu.