17 October 2010

Weather report

I was going to sit down this evening and write about how lovely it is to feel the sun on our backs again, now that the rain and heavy cloud of the last ten or so days has at last dispersed - back to the sunny Corfu we know and love. The tourists over the last couple of weeks must be thoroughly disappointed as the sun has hardly shown its face and the whole island has been overshadowed by heavy grey clouds, with plenty of rain. However the temperatures have been high, so that the overall effect is rainforest-like.

Today the sun came out, we all hung our washing out to dry and I took a lovely long walk with the dog to enjoy the fresh air. Then suddenly this evening some black clouds rolled in from nowhere, and there was the most torrential and spectacular thunderstorm. This photo shows the hailstones in my garden!

10 October 2010

Not so magic mushrooms

Walking around the grounds of our villa this afternoon, I came across these very interesting and colourful mushrooms underneath the olive trees, as well as some very ordinary small white ones, similar to those we find in the supermarkets.

Remembering a local family who had all been poisoned a few years ago, despite "knowing" about which mushrooms are safe I decided to come home and consult the mushroom book. The very boring white ones are highly poisonous and called "Destroying Angel" - these looked completely harmless. The more colourful orange ones are also dangerous and can cause leukemia like effects. They are called "Brown Roll-Rim" and I think we have some fine specimens in our garden!

9 October 2010

Another Corfu Blog

Be warned, if you are soft-hearted then this blog is a real tear jerker, but all praise and thanks and support should go to Judy Quinn and her super-human efforts to help the unwanted donkeys of Corfu. Reading the blog, and then referring to the website of the Corfu Donkey Sanctuary is quite an eye-opener. Everyone knows that the British have a reputation for being animal lovers, but the number of German, Austrian and Dutch names listed as being supporters makes it obvious that generosity crosses national frontiers and new stables have recently been built thanks to a large donation of cash. Judy is always in need of money and assistance, so if there is anyone out there with time on their hands please do contact her to see what you can do to help.

7 October 2010

Crazy court case - sanity prevails

Well, I probably have to eat my words. Marj won her court case, justice works and how nice it is to see it and to know that she will be able to carry on her work.

This is the time of year when many stray dogs appear, having been left behind by summer visitors, or who have been fed by restaurants during the summer season which are now closed. If anyone would like to help they can contact The Ark animal welfare charity, either to offer a home, make a financial contribution, or pass on items to be sold in the Ark Shop in Corfu Town. Every little helps.

2 October 2010

Crazy court case

We love living here, and generally it is easy to 'look on the bright side' even though life here in Corfu, as anywhere is obviously not perfect. However, one of the downsides, of which anyone spending time in Greece is aware, is the problem of help for stray animals.

There are fortunately many people in Corfu who do their utmost do help Corfu's strays by feeding and rehoming, and one of those is Marj Pandis. How unbelievable then to hear that she is being taken to court, accused of 'breeding and selling dogs'. Someone has obviously lost their mind. Very often ridiculous things happen here, and often they are funny. This time is definitely not funny. Anyone who knows the situation could send an email to the Nomarchos of Corfu, Mr. Poulimenos, with an opinion, if enough people do so, perhaps someone will see sense.

You can find more information about Marj's upcoming court case on The Ark's website.