6 September 2010

What a difference a day makes

Με την πρώτη σταγόνα της βροχής σκοτώθηκε το καλοκαίρι (With the first drop of rain, the summer was killed).

How particularly appropriate, this year, is the above line from Odysseas Elytis' wonderful poem. From bright, hot, full summer, in the space of 24 hours the temperature dropped more than 10 degrees and rain blanketed our parched island, bringing relief to our struggling flowers and vegetables, extinguishing the last smoldering trees from the various forest fires, and fulfilling the poet's words. The change was gradual but comprehensive - from Friday morning the cloud cover was complete, and by the afternoon rain was falling over the entire island. All night and all day Saturday the rain continued to fall. "It's just like England" said my husband, and indeed it was!

For anyone reading this who is travelling to Corfu this week - Don't worry, the sun is out again and everything is sparkling clean.