7 September 2010

Another wonderful book

I know that I have recently written about how busy we are, but I always always have a book on the go and seem to have honed my multi-tasking abilities to perfection when it comes to being able to read at the same time as doing other jobs (except when I walked slap bang into an overhanging olive branch whilst walking the dog). Anyway, I have just reluctantly finished a thoroughly enjoyable book about renovating and living in an old house in Italy. Bit of a busman's holiday, but this book - Under The Tuscan Sun, by Frances Mayes - describes a way of life that is remarkably similar to ours in Corfu and made me really appreciate things that I have been taking for granted. When you live somewhere for a very long time it is easy to forget that what has become quite normal is very special indeed. Mrs. Mayes has the ability to share her love of Italy with her readers and to describe daily tasks in a way that bring them to life. There are so many similarities between the Mediterranean countries, that I can thoroughly recommend this book for lovers of Greece as well as Italy. If nothing else, the two chapters giving seasonal Italian recipes got me straight into the kitchen trying out familiar ideas with an Italian twist.