15 September 2008

Trip To Thessaly (And IKEA!)

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the mainland mountains that we see every day? This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the hidden heartland of Greece. Centrally based in the three star Grand Hotel, Larissa, each day’s coach excursion will reveal a fascinating view of Greece. There will be plenty of time to explore on your own and on the final day a chance to shop in Thessaloniki – including a trip to IKEA!

This excursion (departing on Wednesday 29 October and returning on Sunday 2 November) is organised by Papanagiotou Travel, a well respected Corfu-based company with over 25 years experience in Greek tourism.


Day 1: Metsovo – Kalambaka – Meteora – Larissa
Morning ferry to Igoumenitsa. After driving through Epirus (passing the traditional village of Metsovo) you'll arrive in Kalambaka, a small town situated at the foot of the Meteora – a collection of huge rocks. Here you'll visit the famous monasteries perched on top of the rocks and seemingly suspended in mid-air. You'll then drive to Larissa, the capital of Thessaly, where you'll stay overnight at The Grand Hotel.

Day 2: Volos – Pelion
In the morning you'll depart for the port city of Volos and visit the Pelion region and several of its historic villages (Makrinitsa, Portaria, Milies and Visitsa) which sit high above the coast (see photo). These villages boast wonderful architecture and great views. You'll return to Volos with time to visit the town and enjoy a coffee or two. Overnight in Larissa.

Day 3: Trikala
After breakfast you'll drive to Trikala in fertile north-western Thessaly. After passing through some of the most beautiful mountain villages in the region you'll continue to Pertouli, a traditional village within a forest of tall fir trees. The forest is one of the best preserved in Greece and is a refuge for many species of wild animals. You'll return to Trikala for sight-seeing and overnight in Larissa.

Day 4: Thessaloniki
You'll leave in the morning for Thessaloniki in central Macedonia - the second largest city in Greece. Thessaloniki has had a continuous 3,000 year history and you will find relics of its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past, and of its formerly dominant Jewish population. Here you will have the opportunity to spend the day shopping, either in the city centre or at IKEA on the outskirts of the city. You'll return to overnight in our hotel in Larissa.

Day 5: Return to Corfu
You'll travel back to Igoumenitsa via the traditional village of Metsovo. Your ferry will reach Corfu in the evening.

The price of 235 euros includes: ferry tickets, accommodation in a three-star hotel, breakfast and all transfers.

For further information contact Katerina Papanagiotou on 26610 94368 or email info@papanagiotoutravel.com

Full details of this excursion can be seen at www.papanagiotoutravel.com/thessaly.html